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The New "Drizzy" App Lets You Text Using Only Drake Lyrics

"You know a lot of girls be thinking my songs are about them, but this is not to get confused – this one's for you."

The new "Drizzy" app allows Drake fans to respond to texts, SnapChat, Tinder, or any app with a keyboard solely using Drake lyrics.

This could be dangerous news for Tinder users out there.

I wasn't kidding. This Drake app is everything. #drizzy

And unsuspecting parents.

@devobrown: apologies ahead of time to my contacts - I'm getting the @DrizzyApp hahaha!

Or that ex who screwed you over.

Can we talk about the fact there's a Drizzy app with quotes for you to send categorised under feels/hustle/ex's/hate

Really, this app is fair game to use on anyone.

having FAR too much fun with this drizzy keyboard app and @Joss_ISM

Looks like people are about to have a little too much fun with this.

New "Drizzy" app lets you text Drake lyrics (@Drake)


@DrizzyApp @Ian_C1024 then asked my name then blocked me