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19 Struggles Only People Who Hate Working Out Will Understand

OK it's been 20 minutes. Time to go home.

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1. You walk into the gym and you're surrounded by people that look like this:


Who are you people? Don't you like pizza? Don't you have jobs?!

2. You start off by slowly walking by machines and discreetly trying read the directions.


Where do I put my arms in this thing? Should I strap my legs in?

3. And when you finally get on a machine you look like this:


The gym is dangerous, guys.

4. Or like this:

5. You struggle with your 10-pounders while everyone else is bench pressing your weight.


It's about form, ALL RIGHT?!

6. You enviously look at those people who don't ever sweat.

Comedy Central / Via

Bless the person that uses this machine after me.

7. You secretly hate the girl that is working out with earrings in and her hair down.

HBO / Via

We get it. You look good.

8. Cardio is your worst enemy.



9. And you wonder how time passes SO slowly while you're doing it.


How has it only been five minutes? I'm literally already sore.

10. You find the whole working out process incredibly boring.


What do you mean the gym TV doesn't have HBO? How do people stay here longer than an hour?

11. The fastest your body moves is when you're awkwardly changing in the locker room.


I didn't know only Greek goddesses and naked 80-year-olds were allowed in here. Sorry, guys.

12. You join a Zumba class and end up looking like this:


*slowly creeps towards the back of the class*

13. Or you try to do yoga and end up in a class like this:


I feel like an uncooked noodle.

14. You end up awkwardly checking your phone a lot because you don't know what to do next.

So what if I'm checking my emails on the bike? I'm catching up on things, OK?

So what if I'm checking my emails on the bike? I'm catching up on things, OK?

15. You allow yourself one too many "breaks."

Youtube / Jenna Marbles / Via

Five push-ups? It's about time I got a drink at the water fountain.

16. While working out you think back on better times.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Ugh. That sushi last Tuesday was the BEST.

17. You "count" almost any exercise as working out.

Fox / Via

I helped Karen move a lot of those boxes today, I think I'll skip the gym.

18. When you are finally in the comfort of your own home you're like:

BBC / Via

Body. Rejecting. Exercise. Must. Lay. Down.

19. And when you're finally done, you can't help but cancel everything out with a reward.

TBS / Via

Um, I deserve this full pan of brownies. I worked out.

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