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31 Reasons You Should Never Go To School In Boston

It's wicked gross.

1. For starters, when your parents drop you off they'll be horrified by how hideous the city is.

2. Seriously, the skyline is lame.

3. And this is the campus you'll be stuck with for four years.

4. It gets even worse during the fall.

5. If you're trapped in the city for the summer, you'll have nothing to do on the Fourth of July.

6. Same goes for St. Patrick's day... totally boring.

7. There are basically no good libraries to study in.

8. And the book shops suck, too.

9. If you catch a train home for a weekend, you might have to go to this disgusting station.

10. It will be super hard to date because you're not surrounded by tons of colleges or anything.

11. You and your friends will struggle to find something cool to do on weekends.

12. If you decide you want to go shopping, there are absolutely no good stores on Newbury street.

13. Boston has no pride for its sports teams.

14. Seriously, no one cares.

15. If you like going out, you're SOL because no one in Boston likes to drink.

16. And the late-night eats after the bar are pretty bad, too.

17. If you're craving Italian food, you'll be stuck eating in the North End.

18. And if you have a sweet tooth, you'll just have to grin and bear it while you eat a cannoli from Modern Pastry.

19. If you want Mexican food... good luck finding a decent place.

20. There are barely any cultural activities to do.

21. Seriously, none.

22. And the museums are totally boring on the inside.

23. The reflecting pool at Christian Science Center will totally stress you out.

24. And those cobblestone streets have zero charm.

25. In the summer, there's pretty much nothing to do.

26. If you like to run, you'll have nowhere to go.

27. It's impossible to find a place that sells a decent lobster roll.

28. Or a good cup of coffee.

29. You'll wish you had never left home to live in Boston come holiday season.

30. The city basically doesn't have a history, so don't bother learning about it.

31. Consider yourself warned.