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    14 Snapsterpieces That Will Put Your Snapchats To Shame

    When boredom turns into art.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to submit their greatest Snapchat masterpieces. Here are the impressive results.

    1. This person who is a LITERAL ARTIST.

    katied48 /

    Submitted by katied48.

    2. This guy who has Snapchat superpowers.

    ismaelcarrillo64 /

    Submitted by ismaelcarrillo64.

    3. This girl who can draw Olaf with her pointer finger.

    vickye /

    Submitted by vickye.

    4. This person who likes to incorporate their adorable dog.

    gabriellel6 /

    Submitted by gabriellel6.

    5. This person who likes to get creative with their snaps.

    adoralaura /

    Submitted by adoralaura.

    6. This person who mastered sarcastic Kermit.

    ciaraaah13 /

    Submitted by ciaraaah13.

    7. This guy who's ready to phone home.

    masonw4bd4841d8 /

    Submitted by masonw4bd4821d8.

    8. This Sailor Moon fan.

    evilllyn /

    Submitted by evilllyn.

    9. This person who managed to create Gotham city in the comfort of their own home.

    jimmymf123 /

    Submitted by jimmymf123.

    10. This guy who can't catch a break.

    carterw4cbe68232 /

    Submitted by carterw4cbe68232.

    11. This guy who knows to avoid Suarez on the field.

    12. This girl who's just trying to get some work done.

    danielleweiss041 /

    Submitted by danielleweiss041.

    13. This polar bear who committed a major fashion faux pas.

    14. And this girl who's already accomplished so much.

    Via skcaldwell /

    Submitted by skcaldwell.

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