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24 Snacks Every '90s Kid Used To Beg Their Mom For

Get ready for a nostalgic stomachache.

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1. Gushers

There was nothing more satisfying than convincing your parents to buy you Gushers and tasting the sweet, gooey taste of victory.

2. Keebler Chips Deluxe Rainbow Cookies

I mean, they were chocolate chip cookies that were the color of a RAINBOW. Is anything better than that?

3. Candy Cigarettes

In retrospect, we kinda understand why these got discontinued – but damn, did you feel cool standing at the ice cream truck "smoking" one.

4. Squeeze It juice drinks

If your mom wouldn't buy Squeeze Its for you, at least you knew they'd be at whatever family cookout you went to.

5. DunkARoos

DunkARoos were the golden ticket of lunchtime trading. If your mom was nice enough to send you to school with a pack of these, you were sitting pretty at the top of the lunch table snack hierarchy.

6. Wonderballs

Chances are, you begged your mom to buy you a Wonderball in the grocery store checkout line. I mean, you walked around the store with her for two hours – it was the LEAST she could do.

7. String Things

When you were a kid, you pretty much wanted anything with a lot of food coloring and no nutritional value, so Fruit String Things seemed like a natural choice.

8. Fruit By The Foot

A foot seemed so much longer until you unraveled it and ate it in two minutes flat. But hey, that didn't stop you from coming back for more.

9. Ritz Cheese 'N Cracker Dips

Anything with some signature fake yellow cheese was always a crowd favorite.

Anything with some signature fake yellow cheese was always a crowd favorite.

10. Push Pops

So these things melted in approximately 20 seconds, but that didn't stop you from running to the ice cream truck and spending you allowance on some sugary goodness.

11. Gogurt

Gogurts never really stayed cold, but it was a lot better than the other yogurt options your parents tried to force upon you.

12. Nerd Ropes

You mostly wanted a nerd rope because you tricked yourself into thinking gnawing at a piece of candy like it was beef jerky was a good look.

13. Bagel Bites

If your parents didn't have bagel bites when your friends came over, let's be honest, you felt like a complete disappointment.

14. Oatmeal Creme Pies

Since Oatmeal's in the title – it can't be that bad. Right, Mom?

15. Choco Tacos

Choco Tacos were another Ice Cream truck favorite. Who cares that they painted your hands with chocolate drips? Totally worth it.

16. Swoops

Swoops combined all the things you loved: that classic Pringle shape with the chocolate-y goodness of a Reeses.

17. Fun Dip

Your parents partially didn't want to buy these for you because they were 1000% sugar, and partially because they made your tongue blue for a week.

18. Warheads

Warheads were less about enjoyment and more about challenging your friends to see who could suck on them the longest without spitting them out.

19. Baby Bottle Pop

Between Baby Bottle Pops and Candy Cigarettes, it was clear you were really conflicted on whether you wanted to be an adult or an infant.

20. Ring Pops

If you didn't use a Ring Pop in a mock wedding ceremony, you weren't doing it right.

21. Potato Sticks

Sure, it might be a little weird that you basically chose to eat the slivers in the bottle of a chip bag, but dang did that salt taste good.

22. Hot Fries

If you were lucky enough to get sent to school with an extra dollar from your parents, there was a pretty good chance you were eating Hot Fries from the vending machine instead of what you packed for lunch.

23. Freeze Pops

Mmmm, flavored water!

24. Bugles

Bugles were the holy grail of chips. Mostly because it was so damn fun putting them on your fingertips.

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