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14 Situations That Suck For People Who Wear Glasses

Life is hard when you have four eyes.

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1. Hot days.

Because you spend ALL day pushing your glasses back up your sweaty nose.

2. Cold days.

Because every time you walk into a room you will be temporarily blinded by your foggy glasses.

3. 3D movies.


4. The gym.

Forget about my pony tail coming out, I'm more worried about the gross sweat on my glasses.

5. Roller coasters.

*boards ride with glasses*

*gets off ride without glasses*

6. The beach.

Dat glasses tan, doe.

7. Halloween parties.

No, this is not part of my costume.

8. Sunny drives.

I can't afford prescription sunglasses right now, OK?

9. Masquerade parties.

~guess who I am~

10. Photographs.

Nothing ruins a great photo like your glasses glare.

11. Laying on your side.

I want to lay down and watch a show but THAT'S NOT AN OPTION.

12. The spa.

Do you think you can work around my glasses?

13. Rainy days.

I need mini wipers on these things.

14. Showers.

Is this my shampoo? Conditioner? OH WELL, GUESS I'LL HOPE FOR THE BEST.

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