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    Posted on May 28, 2015

    17 Ways You Know You're A Kid-Adult


    1. Whenever you're with your own kids or other people's, you find yourself way too into whatever "childish" game you're playing.

    2. And you know when you're playing with kids you *should* let them win, but you really don't want to.

    3. You've opted for laser tag, mini golf, or bowling on a Saturday night rather than going to a bar.

    4. And whenever you play any of those activities, you get WAY too competitive.

    5. You genuinely enjoy a PG, or even G-rated movie.

    6. You take any opportunity to do arts and crafts very seriously.

    7. When you go to the beach, you're not just trying to lay out and relax, you're ready to body-surf and make a damn sandcastle.

    8. You're part of at least one fandom which is considered "childish."

    9. And you might even have some action figures or collectables to show for it.

    10. Ice cream or cake will always be your number one choice for a meal.

    11. For you, theme parks and carnivals are the stuff of dreams.

    12. You know you're too old to enjoy playing pranks... but that doesn't stop you from doing it.

    13. You can't pass a playground without swinging on the swings for a little bit.

    14. And you can't pass a good climbing tree without trying to climb it.

    15. You've joined adult sports leagues because they remind you of your ~glory days.~

    16. You're definitely not too old to play on your old school Nintendo DS or Gameboy.

    17. And you know that Lunchables and gummy packs were created equal for kids and adults alike.

    But who cares if you're a Kidult at heart – you're having more fun than those other lame normal adults!


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