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    People Are Obsessed With Showing The Inside Of Their Fridge On Periscope

    Show us the good stuff.

    So, Twitter launched Periscope yesterday and things have already gotten pretty weird.

    For whatever reason, some people have a fridge fetish?

    Just gave a tour of @TwitterNYC's beer fridge on @periscopeco. Next week I'm going to do some live DJing.

    Seriously. It's what people want.

    So I just showed people my fridge on periscope lol

    Cleaning out the fridge is trending on Periscope.

    No one cares about the Apple watch. We just want to see your fridge.

    This fridge streamed all the way from Barcelona!

    LIVE on #Periscope: Showing you my fridge

    It's the new Cribs of our generation.

    I'm starting to think that #Periscope is really just "Hey check out my fridge." This is where the future has brought us.

    We can't look away.

    #periscope has me up too late looking at strangers fridges. #fridge #trainwreck

    2015 is great.