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21 Times The Women Of "Orange Is The New Black" Were The Cutest Squad

Pretty much all the time.

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1. When every selfie they took on the red carpet was absolutely flawless.

2. When they hit the bar together and had the best time.

3. When it was clear they were supercomfortable around each other.

4. When they traveled in style.

5. When their admiration for each other was apparent.

6. When they celebrated their accomplishments together.

7. And when they celebrated more informally.

8. When they were the fiercest squad to grace the cover of a magazine.

9. When even Miss Claudette knew how to party.

10. When their style game was on point.

11. When they cracked each other up on the red carpet.

12. When they showed us how to take a flawless selfie.

13. When they weren't afraid to get goofy.

14. When they only had love for each other off screen.

15. When they couldn't even have dinner without goofing around.

16. When they made sure their friendship off screen lasted even if it ended on screen.

17. When there was no such thing as being too silly.

18. When "working" looked less like work and more like play.

19. When they made sure there was never a dull moment while hanging out at award ceremonies.

20. When even their "ugly faces" weren't ugly at all.

21. And when you could just feel the love.

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