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    21 Times Amy Schumer Perfectly Described Being A Woman

    I have to be honest. I don't enjoy a dick pic.

    1. On dating someone new:

    Comedy Central

    2. On having a glass of wine at the end of the day:

    Comedy Central

    Glass of wine/bowl of wine, same thing.

    3. On the important things in life:

    Comedy Central

    First runner-up aka first loser.

    4. On eating in public:

    Comedy Central

    No. I do not want to "split something."

    5. On the art of sexting:

    Comedy Central

    That sounds good.

    6. And on taking the perfect picture:

    Comedy Central

    Nailed it.

    7. On what having a pet really entails:

    Comedy Central

    "You are a burden."

    8. On spending a night in:

    Comedy Central

    Nothing wrong with flying solo on Friday night.

    9. On setting goals:

    Comedy Central

    "Aspiring Dog Walker"

    10. On being sexually open:

    Comedy Central

    So what if she wants the D?

    11. On working out:

    Comedy Central

    I worked out for five minutes, so I think I'll call it a day.

    12. On getting old:

    Comedy Central


    13. On what really happens when men and women have sex:

    Comedy Central

    14. On getting revenge:

    Comedy Central

    "I hope that the next time you go to a concert that the band doesn't play the song you wanna hear."

    15. Seriously though... could you wish anything worse on someone?

    Comedy Central

    "I hope the next time you watch an episode of Homeland the DVR cuts out before you see scenes from next week."

    16. On dick pics:

    Comedy Central

    17. On the truth about the fascination with butts:

    Comedy Central

    Milk, milk, lemonade, 'round the corner fudge is made.

    18. On religion:


    I mean... if you could just help me out, that would be great.

    19. And on being an extroverted person:

    Comedy Central

    "People usually need a couple drinks just to get through a conversation with me."

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