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17 Reasons It's Basically Impossible To Say Goodbye To Your College Friends

♫ As we go on...♫ *starts bawling*

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1. Because they've seen you at your worst.

2. And they've celebrated with you at your best.

3. Because there's no one who's better to party with.

4. And no one you'd rather recover from partying with.

5. Because who else will hold your hair when you throw up?

Or cry with you in a public restroom.

6. Because you know they're the last person who would ever judge you.

7. Because they supported you through all your decisions – even the bad ones.

So maybe you shouldn't have dated that dude sophomore year.

8. Because they weren't afraid to call you out.

9. Because the level of comfort you've reached with each other is far beyond any of your other friends.

10. Because who else could love you through finals when you were an absolute monster?

11. Because during those four years, they became an extended part of your family.

12. And because they're one of the few people (aside from family) that you can manage to fight with and still love.

13. Because they didn't judge you for the awkwardness that was freshman year.

... and that lanyard you never took off.

14. Because you lived together, so there's few others you're that comfortable around.

I mean, how many times have you shared a bed with them?

15. Because you spent countless hours together, and at this point all secrets are out the window.

16. Because they love you for all your drunken mistakes.

17. And because they'll be the main characters in the stories you tell your kids someday.

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