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    12 Everyday Tragedies Everyone Can Relate To


    1. When you think that person is waving to you, but they're actually waving to the person behind you.

    2. When you mean to text your S.O. but accidentally send it to your mom.

    3. When you realize you're out of toilet paper but it's too late.

    4. When your coworker steals your lunch out of the fridge.

    5. When you are waiting on the dreaded iPhone ellipsis.

    6. When your crush points out that you have something in your teeth.

    7. When you pretend you heard what someone said and it bites you in the ass.

    8. When you accidentally like your crush's Instagram from 37 weeks back.

    9. When it's 4 p.m. and you realize you've been wearing your shirt backwards all day.

    10. When your crush says they'll text you and you realize your phone's about to die.

    11. When you realize your response made no sense at all.

    12. And when you accidentally say, "I love you" to your boss.