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39 Questions Every Twentysomething Hears During The Holidays

"So are you seeing anyone?"

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1. How's your job?

2. How much are they paying you?

3. How are you doing on money?

4. Do you think you'll get a promotion soon?

5. What about more vacation time? We barely see you.

6. Do you get benefits?

7. Have you lost weight?

8. Have you gained weight?

9. Did you get taller?

10. What does your apartment look like?

11. Are utilities included?

12. How's the neighborhood?

13. Is it safe?

14. Do you have pepper spray?

15. Are your roommates nice?

16. Do you need anything for your place? We have an old couch in the basement.

17. Have you always worn your hair like that?

18. Did you cut your hair?

19. Are you taking care of yourself?

20. Did you get that recipe I sent you?

21. Did you hear your second cousin is getting married?


If you're single…

22. Are you seeing anyone??

23. What happened to that boyfriend you had?

24. Did you know I met your grandfather when I was 18?

25. Well, have you been dating at least?

26. Have you tried online dating?

27. Do you want me to set you up with someone?

28. Did you ever call my friend's nephew?

If you're in a relationship…

29. How's your girlfriend/boyfriend?

30. Is it serious?

31. Does he/she want kids?

32. How many kids?

33. Do you think he/she will pop the question soon?

34. Well, how long do you want to wait???

35. How many kids do you want to have? Better start soon.

36. You're not going to be young forever, you know that right?

37. Did you hear your nephew is playing football now?

38. When's the next time you're coming home?

39. Why don't you come home more often????