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16 Pictures That Are Too Real For Single People

Relationship status: pizza.

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1. When you don't have any exciting updates:

2. When it's been too damn long:

3. When people can't stop marveling at how unbelievable it is that you're single:

4. When it's late at night and you're looking for a big spoon that isn't just to get Nutella with:

5. When all your friends get into relationships and you're just chilling:

6. When your patience is wearing thin:

7. When your life looks a lot more glamorous on social media than it is in reality:

8. When you aren't on the same level as your friends:

9. When you have different priorities than everyone else:

10. When you feel a little bit left out:

11. When you make unlikely justifications for why you're single:

12. When you make excuses for them not texting you back:

13. When you find healthy ways to cope with the fact that everyone around you is engaged:

14. When you realize just how bad you are at flirting:

15. When someone talks to one of your many crushes:

16. And when the only Snapchats you can send of you and bae are these ones:

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