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43 Things People Who Studied Abroad Can't Stop Talking About

"You just can't get a baguette like the ones you get in Paris."

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1. How much better the wine was wherever they studied.

2. How much better the baguettes were wherever they studied.

3. How much weight they gained.

4. How good they got at speaking (insert language here).

5. How late they partied.

6. How they literally never slept.

7. How hot the people from (insert place) are.

8. How ugly the people from (insert place) are.

9. How easy their classes were.

10. How they could literally just walk around with a bottle of wine.

11. How cheap the alcohol was.

12. How expensive the clubs were.

13. How they became friends with that promoter and got in places for free.

14. How much better the public transportation was in (insert place here).

15. How many people got pick-pocketed on their trip.

16. How that person they made out with in (insert place here) might be the one who got away.


17. That one cultural landmark that they could just hang out in front of whenever they wanted.

18. How they could really take their time while eating at restaurants.

19. How great not tipping servers was.

20. That one museum they went to.

21. That one time they read a book in that park in (insert place here).

22. That super long bus ride they took for a weekend trip.

23. How much they drank on that weekend trip.

24. How they felt like they lived in (insert place here).

25. How their home friend really reminds them of their study abroad friend.

26. How crazy their study abroad friends were.

27. That one club that had condoms in the bathroom.

28. That time they got offered drugs.

29. How easy it was to get weed.

30. How cheap Ryanair was.

31. How sketchy Ryanair was.

32. How they almost died on Ryanair.

33. How traveling changed them.

34. How important it is for everyone to travel.

35. How broke they were after studying abroad.

36. That one gross hostel they stayed at.

37. That one dope hostel they stayed at.

38. That one scary person that they had to share a hostel room with.

39. How much better-dressed people are in (insert place here).

40. How much their style improved while abroad.

41. How much the United States sucks.

42. How much they want to go back.

43. How they have a serious travel bug.