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16 Times You Realized You And Your BFF Have No Boundaries

"Want to have a how-many-chins-can-we-make contest?"

1. You never close the door when you pee.

And if you're drunk they just go in there with you.

2. You've lost track of the number of times you've seen each other naked. / Via

*knocks on door*

"Come on in."

*opens the door completely naked.*

3. You're not embarrassed to talk about bodily functions with each other.

Universal Pictures / Via

"How's your stomach? Are you still shitting your brains out?"

4. When you hang out, you probably just sit on the couch and do nothing.

NBC / Via

"Want to come over and nap with me?"

5. You know the intimate details of each other's sex lives.

HBO / Via

"He said WHAT during sex?!?!"

6. You act as a human WebMD for each other.

NBC Universal / Via

"OK, so let me see the freckle in question. It doesn't look raised — I think you're good."

7. You trust them with your ugliest photos.

Comedy Central

"Want to have a how-many-chins-can-we-make contest?"

8. You're totally open with them about the crazy shit you do.

Netflix / Via

"OK, so I looked at his mom's Facebook and I think he's on vacation. So, maybe that's why he hasn't called."

9. You know each other's passwords for everything.

NBC / Via

"You know my phone lock code. We have no secrets."

10. You help each other out with those hard-to-reach pimples.

Jive Records / Via

And you don't hide the fact that you slightly enjoyed popping it.

11. You pluck each other's eyebrows.

"C'mon. No one gives me that brow arch like you do."

12. You know their allergies.

DreamWorks / Via

"Don't forget to tell our server you're allergic to cilantro."

13. You aren't afraid to call them out on embarrassing things.

A&M Films / Via

"OMG look at your ankle hairs. How many times did you miss that spot shaving? You look like you belong in the wild."

14. You definitely fart in front of each other.

That's love.

15. You might even know when they start their cycle.

Oxygen / Via

"OMG you're on your period too? ~cycle sisters.~

16. And you've probably slept in the same bed too many times to count.


"You're the big spoon to my little."

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