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14 Texts Socially Anxious People Send At Parties

Let me know when you get here. I'm the one in the corner petting the cat!

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1. The "Can I Leave Yet?" Text:

2. The "How Dare You Leave Me Alone" Text:

3. The "I'll Take This as an Opportunity to Catch Up" Text:

4. The "I Shouldn't Be Working, But..." Text:

5. The "I Hate You for Being Late" Text:

6. The "Random Thoughts in My Head" Text:

7. The "I'm Very Busy and Important on My Phone" Text:

8. The "Thank God There's an Animal" Text:

9. The "I Care About This Apartment More Than This Party" Text:

10. The "I'm Here for the Free Food and Booze" Text:

11. The "I Panicked, OK?!" Text:

12. The "Awkward Is My Middle Name" Text:

13. The "I Can't Wait to Take These Pants Off" Text:

14. And of course, the "Irish Goodbye" Text:

All jokes aside, anxiety is a legitimate mental disorder that can wreak havoc on people's lives. If you have anxiety, you should speak with a professional psychologist or psychiatrist, who can help you get the treatment and support you need. See a list of resources here.

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