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    Here's What A 100 Years Of Male Pop Music Icons Look Like

    So much fierce, so little time.

    Vanity Fair just released a video that shows the style history of some of the most popular male pop icons from the past 100 years:

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    In the 1910s, Joe "King" Oliver took the jazz scene by storm and was a mentor to other icons like Louis Armstrong.

    The '20s were inspired by none other than the legendary Duke Ellington.

    In the 1930s, Bing Crosby's warm baritone voice won the hearts of many.

    In the '40s, Sinatra took center stage.

    By the 1950s, Elvis Presley was hip-thrusting his way into our hearts.

    In the '60s, Jimi Hendrix redefined rock ’n’ roll, and remains an icon for anyone who has ever held a guitar.

    David Bowie dominated the 1970s, serving as not only a pop and fashion icon, but also as an inspiration for sexual expression.

    Michael Jackson moonwalked his way into history during the '80s.

    And the ’80s didn’t have just one member of pop royalty: Prince also changed the sound of pop forever.

    Kurt Cobain was the face of '90s angst.

    Kanye took the 2000s by storm by creating a new sound for hip-hop.

    And where are we now? Well, it might be too late to say sorry...but everyone's got Bieber fever.