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Dear Men, Please Stop Wearing Fedoras

Look, I'm only telling you guys because I CARE.

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In recent years, many men have fallen victim to the fashion travesty commonly called the "fedora."

We have also lost many good men to the Trilby. May their souls rest in peace.

And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unless you're this adorable dog... / Via

... Or this cute child who could probably pull off anything ...

Then you PROBABLY* shouldn't be wearing a fedora.



I get it, I get it. "It's a way of life," you say.

But look, I can almost promise these two studs didn't get laid at this event in 2014.

And if anything makes me want to reconsider* fucking Matt Bomer, it's this hat.

*I mean I still would. I'm not insane.

Like where is your head? What's happening? How do we fix it?

Ah yes, this is how we can fix it. Release your fedoras back into the wild. Be free. Find a hat that you don't have to tilt to the side to wear.