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Rihanna Just Released Her Video For "Kiss It Better" And I Need A Glass Of Water

I'm going to need a minute.

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So, Rihanna's video for "Kiss It Better" was just released and IS IT GETTING HOT IN HERE, OR IS IT JUST THIS VIDEO???*

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*It's just this video. The temperature at my desk is fine.

She kicks things off with a little dice foreplay. Because RiRi doesn't need a man to play games with her when she can play 'em herself.

Then she just casually lies on the floor and is like, "Yeah, I'm feelin' myself."

After that, she gets really tired from being so fierce so she takes a quick nap.

When she wakes back up, she's like, "Oh, I didn't see you there. Hi."

Then she does a little hip-thrusting to work on her core strength real quick.

And she casually advocates for freeing the nipple.

After that, she struts and makes any man who wronged her RUE THE FUCKING DAY.

We are all truly blessed by you, Rihanna. <3