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    16 Reasons Why Kirk From "Gilmore Girls" Is The Only Man You Need In Your Life

    Forget Dean and Jess. Give the people what they want.

    1. He's a total gentleman.

    2. He GETS that working out is the worst.

    3. His flirting game is adorably awkward.

    4. He has made it through heartbreak and is a better man for it.

    5. He's got MOVES.

    Seriously. You can spin me around a high school gymnasium ANY DAY, Kirk.

    6. He's as loyal as they come.

    7. He truly cares about others.

    It's the thought that counts.

    8. He's quirky, which just makes him that much more charming.

    Quirky, or should I say KIRKY. HAHA (sorry).

    9. He's great with animals.

    10. He looks good in literally anything.

    11. He knows he deserves the best.

    12. He is truly a Jack (or Kirk) of all trades.

    13. He can deliver a compliment like no other.

    14. He knows that there are things only a hug can fix.

    15. He's not afraid to be honest about his feelings.

    16. And he never tries to be anyone but himself.

    Why should he? He's THE BEST.