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    Jimmy Kimmel Asked Kids Why Women Get Paid Less Than Men

    "IDK, the world is just a messed-up place."

    The folks over at Jimmy Kimmel decided to go out on the streets and ask kids why they thought men were paid more than women. Some answers were pretty disheartening, while others were pretty dang woke:

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    For starters, asking a 5-year-old about the wage gap is a lot to take in.

    But unfortunately, some girls believed the stereotype that men work harder than women...

    ... Come on now, future workforce of America! :/

    And the solutions they offered for the wage gap were...uh...less than ideal.

    However, some kids recognized that the wage gap wasn't a flaw that women were responsible for, but just a flaw in the system.

    This kid knew what was up.

    Overall, no one summed it up better than this girl: