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    22 Winter Woes That Any New Englander Will Understand

    Alright, it's wicked cold.

    1. When it's four degrees out, but you still really want an iced coffee from Dunkin'.

    2. When you go outside in the morning and your car has disappeared.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: mcescobar1

    *calls in sick to work*

    3. When the weather drops 30 degrees in one day.

    4. When you forget tailgating a Patriots game isn't as fun when it's 10 degrees outside.

    5. When you make the mistake of "stepping out for a minute" without a jacket and get caught in a Boston wind tunnel.

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    *walks outside to get the mail*

    *freezes in place*

    6. When you remember that of all four seasons in New England, winter is by far the longest.

    7. When you try and get out of your driveway and it looks like this:

    8. When you live in fear of one of these monsters falling on you.

    9. When you make the mistake of wearing a pair of shoes you like outside.

    10. When it takes you an hour to go four miles on I-95.

    11. When you don't realize how deep a puddle is.

    Well, shit.

    12. When you try and escape to Sunday River and realize everyone and their mother had the same idea.

    13. When you have to spend an hour chipping away at your frozen car.

    PolyGram Filmed Entertainment / Via

    And then your friend just sits inside and watches.

    14. When you refuse to let go of the warm New England summer.

    15. When you fool yourself into thinking you'll enjoy playing in the snow.

    16. When school is never cancelled because IT'S NEW ENGLAND.

    17. When snow gets in the side of your Bean boots.

    18. When the sight of Cape Cod in the winter makes you shed a single tear.

    19. When you have sore arms after a day of shoveling.

    20. When you go to Frog Pond in Boston and get plowed over by a child.

    21. When the worst happens and you get sick.


    *puts four sweaters on*

    22. When you basically stop going out because you can't handle the cold anymore.

    But despite it all, take comfort in the fact that you can still get a kickass bowl of chowder to keep you warm.

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