This "Inside Amy Schumer" Sketch Perfectly Describes The Pressure Women In Hollywood Feel

"It is an undisputed fact that a woman's value is mostly determined by her looks."

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The sketch starts off with a room full of 12 men (who happen to be several recognizable male comedians and actors).

The subject of the trial is whether or not Amy Schumer is hot enough to be on television. In the beginning, all but one man think she is too ugly to be on television.

Comedy Central

"It's not easy for me to raise my hand and end a girl's life without talking about it first."

But one brave man dares to call the other men out on their double-standard.

Comedy Central.

"This girl thinks she deserves to be on-camera. She's not a 10!"

"Maybe you're not a 10!"

In the end, Amy is victorious, and deemed just hot enough for television.

Comedy Central

"The verdict is in. The jury agreed they would bang you. You're hot enough for basic cable television."

Watch a clip of the sketch here: