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17 Photos That Are Too Real For Anyone Who's Ever Been Hungover

Inspired by true life events.

1. Things start off well when you first wake up because you probably still have a buzz on.

2. But the reality of what's to come slowly starts to sink in.

3. You look in the mirror and see a completely different person than the one you knew last night.

4. And TBH, everyone else might be a little frightened too.

5. If you wake up in a strange location, you'll start to question just how much alcohol you had.

6. Piecing together the night will be...difficult.

7. Then it will happen: The thirst strikes.

8. If you made the rookie mistake of not leaving a water by the bed... it can be a pretty bad hit.

9. When you finally do rise from the dead, it'll take you a bit to get your bearings.

10. You'll start to notice signs of just how much you drank the night before.

11. And when other people fill in the gaps in your memory... it won't be pretty.

12. You'll start to notice how cruel and harsh the world is.

13. And wonder if you'll make it out alive.

14. The simplest tasks will become impossible.

15. And you will need frequent breaks throughout the day to rest/lie in the fetal position.

16. There will be a few things that give you hope for a future as a fully functioning human being.

17. As your hangover begins to wear off and the pizza grease sinks in, you'll seek the strength to not destroy your body again tonight.

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