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This Is For Everyone Who Is Totally Confused By Season 2 Of "True Detective"

What we know so far? The detectives are really good at staring contests.

If you're like me and have no idea what's going on this season on True Detective (maybe you even thought the city of Vinci was a character, too), here's a helpful breakdown of who's who and what's what:

For starters, this is Ben Caspere, the dead guy whom everything revolves around.


Caspere was the former Vinci city manager and a sexually obsessed man who frequently kept the company of escorts. He was interested in purchasing land, and was a business partner to Frank Semyon (played by Vince Vaughn).

And this is supposedly his killer.


The masked figure in the crow costume is implied as Caspere's killer in the first episode when he's seen driving Caspere's body with a stuffed crow in the seat next to him.

There are four main characters involved in the murder of Ben Caspere: Paul Woodrugh (Taylor Kitsch), Ani Bezzerides (Rachel McAdams), Ray Velcoro (Colin Farrell), and Frank Semyon (Vince Vaughn).

This is Paul Woodrugh. He's a war veteran and highway patrol officer who stumbles upon Ben Caspere's body and the crime scene that Season 2 centers around.


Paul is accused by starlet Lancey Lindel of making sexual advances, which results in his leave of absence from the highway patrol.


Paul stops Lancey Lindel for speeding while she's supposed to be on home arrest. Lindel accuses Paul Woodrugh of asking for sexual favors in exchange for letting her off the hook (which is false). As a result, Woodrugh is put on leave with pay until he stumbles upon Caspere's body and is assigned to work under Ani Bezzerides.

Paul's girlfriend is Emily, whom he doesn't seem very into from the get-go.


The first hint that Woodrugh is gay comes when he pops a Viagra before getting sexually involved with Emily. The two break up because Emily insists he isn't giving her what she needs. However, in Episode 4, the two reunite and Emily tells Woodrugh she's pregnant.

Paul's war buddy (and more) is Miguel Gilb, who is also a member of the Black Mountain Security team and reveals the two have a romantic past.


Woodrugh and Gilb attend a game together that ends in Gilb making romantic advances toward Woodrugh, which he refuses, and ends up physically fighting with Gilb. The next episode, after a drinking bender, Woodrugh finds himself half-naked in Gilb's apartment. When he tries to return to the club he left from the night before, he realizes his bike has also been stolen.

Paul's mom is Nancy Spencer.


Their relationship has some creepy sexual overtones.

This is Frank Semyon, a criminal, entrepreneur, and business partner to the dead Ben Caspere.


Caspere and Frank Semyon were business partners. Semyon liquidized some assets to give to Caspere, in order to purchase land upon which to build a railroad. Since he was killed, the land was never purchased, leaving Semyon essentially broke and totally screwed. Semyon is interested in the death of Caspere because finding out who killed him means finding out where his money went.

Frank's wife is Jordan Semyon.


Jordan is a former actress and probably the only person Frank truly trusts. She acts as not only his life partner, but also his business partner. Jordan and Frank are also having fertility issues, an issue that Frank seems to have little time for.

"Nails" is one of Frank's guys. He doesn't say much, but Frank seems to trust him.


Stan, another one of Frank's guys, was found murdered in the same manner Caspere was.


Blake Churchman is part of Frank's underground organization.


Blake is a little sketchy and Frank questions his trust in him. When Stan is killed, Churchman is nowhere to be found. He says he was "with a girl" — an excuse that no one believes.

Danny Santos is a business associate of Frank's and the club manager of Lux Infinitum, which was also formerly owned by Frank.


Danny is part of Frank's long list of business associates. Danny isn't only involved with clubs; he also dabbles in the escort business and a few of his girls were connected to Caspere. After Frank's deal goes bad, Danny confronts Frank in front of several other business partners, accusing Frank of being weak. Frank answers his accusation by ripping Danny's teeth out in front of the other associates.

Osip Agronov is a Russian mobster and another business associate of Frank's.


After Caspere's death, Agronov becomes hesitant about moving forward with his planned investment with Frank and seemingly backs out.

This is Ray Velcoro, a detective in the city of Vinci.


Velcoro is a corrupt cop also working as an informant for Frank Semyon. It is implied that Velcoro committed murder to avenge the rape of his ex-wife (a rape that produced his nonbiological son, Chad). This murder is what caused Velcoro to attach himself to Semyon.

In Episode 2, when Velcoro investigates the house where Caspere previously brought escorts, Velcoro is attacked by the masked crow.

Velcoro's ex-wife is Gena Brune.


After Gena was brutally raped, Velcoro kills her attacker to avenge her. Gena gets pregnant, seemingly as a result of the rape, and Velcoro decides to accept her child as his own. It isn't specified exactly why Velcoro and Gena split, but it is implied that the rape of his wife wakes up an anger inside of Velcoro that scares his ex-wife and son.

Velcoro's nonbiological son is Chad.


Chad gets bullied in school, which leads Velcoro to kick the crap out of the father of Chad's bully. After this incident, Chad's mother no longer allows Velcoro to see his son, and reveals she will be fighting for sole custody.

Eddie Velcoro is Ray's father and a former Vinci cop.


It seems Ray is left to take care of his father, bringing him weed to ease his pain and updating him on his grandson.

Lt. Kevin Burris is Velcoro's boss.


It seems like Burris is just as corrupt as Velcoro and has connections with the mayor as well. After Velcoro is shot by the masked crow figure, he intercepts Bezzerides' crime scene and insists that it be processed by Vinci PD first.

This is Ani Bezzerides, a Ventura County Sheriff's CID and lead detective on the investigation of Caspere's murder.


Athena Bezzerides is Ani's sister.


Athena is first introduced when her sister, Ani, busts her and others' X-rated webcam performances. Athena is a former drug addict, and Ani feels like she's to blame for where Athena has ended up.

Elliot Bezzerides is Ani's father.


Elliot Bezzerides is a spiritual leader who runs a hippie commune called the Panticapaeum Institute. Bezzerides has connections to Caspere through Caspere's former therapist, whom he was associated with when the therapist studied communal living. Bezzerides is also connected to the disappearance of Vera, a girl who worked at the Panticapaeum Institute and was reported missing in the first episode.

This is Vera.


Vera is reported missing by her older sister, who says her phone has been disconnected. Her roommate said she's moved out. Vera was formerly a member of the cleaning staff at the Panticapaeum Institute and told her co-workers she was leaving for a better job.

Vera is potentially connected to Ben Caspere's death, as she was last seen working the club circuit in Sonoma, where Caspere had been taking land deals.

Danielle Delvayo is the woman who reports Vera's disappearance to Ani.


When Ani delivers a foreclosure notice to Danielle, Danielle tells her that she has reported her younger sister's disappearance to the police several times.

Detective Elvis Ilinca (on the left) is Ani's partner, and Steve Mercer (on the right), is a cop with whom Ani was briefly romantically involved.


Ani breaks off her relationship with Steve fairly quickly. Steve then bitterly files a complaint against Ani, saying he was coerced by a superior. After his complaint is filed, it's revealed that Ani also had a sexual relationship with her married detective partner.

Katherine Davis is the state attorney.


Davis hints that she knows Velcoro is corrupt and seems like she hopes that they can expose his corruption during this case.

Detective Teague Dixon is assigned to their case.


Dixon seems less interested in solving the case and more interested in drinking. He works directly with Woodrugh, but is killed in the fourth episode during a shoot-out.

Now who are these random people...?

This is Felicia, the bartender at the bar where Frank Semyon and Velcoro meet.


Felicia seems to have a soft sport for Velcoro, and she mentions wanting to show him her home country. Felicia is always around during Velcoro and Semyon's dealings and probably knows a lot more than she lets on. Her more noticeable feature is the scar across her cheek, which is yet to be explained.

This is Dr. Pitlor, the therapist whom Caspere was seeing before his death.


Dr. Pitlor has connections to various characters on the show. He treated the late Caspere for depression and anxiety, and attempted to help him cope with his sexual obsessions. He also was an acquaintance of Elliot Bezzerides (Ani's father) when he studied communal living and the group the "Good People." Dr. Pitlor also treated Mayor Chessani's wife for schizophrenia, before she committed suicide.

This is Austin Chessani, the mayor of Vinci.


Mayor Chessani is corrupt and also is connected with Velcoro and Semyon. After Ani searches his house without a warrant, he is out for her job and her badge.

This is Veronica Chessani, the mayor's new wife.


Not much is known about Veronica. She's the one who lets Detective Bezzerides and Officer Woodrugh into her house without a warrant.

This is Tony Chessani, the mayor's son.


Tony kicks out Bezzerides and Woodrugh when he catches them searching his house without a warrant. When they arrive, Tony is with a prostitute. Tony is previously mentioned when Semyon reminds Mayor Chessani that he helped Tony get out of a hit and run. Tony's occupation is setting up "specialty events," which could hint that he is responsible for the super-secret sex parties everyone else has been talking about.

The mayor also has a daughter, Betty Chessani.

Betty Chessani is briefly seen when Ani is searching the house and walks by her room. Before Betty slams the door on her face, she is seemingly looking at maps. In the next episode, Ani meets with Betty at a hookah bar, where she reveals her mother committed suicide in the care of Dr. Pitlor.

This is Ernst Bodine, the mayor's right-hand man.


Bodine fields questions for the mayor about a party Caspere attended at the mayor's before his death. Bodine reveals that Caspere was last seen at the party with a girl named Tasha, who we find out was a escort from the Lux Infinitum and hasn't been seen for a while.

This is Erica Jonson, Caspere's assistant.


Erica is on set at the movie Caspere was involved in and says she's there to collect papers on Caspere's behalf.

This is Ashley Daison, the director of the film Caspere invested in.


Daison isn't very cooperative with the detectives and when they ask him about a party he attended with Caspere, he says he was too drunk to remember details.

And what the heck are these places...?

What is Catalyst?

Catalyst is a land-buying company who Caspere worked with/for. After Caspere's death, Frank Semyon meets with someone from Catalyst to ensure his land-buying deal is still valid. They refuse Frank, leaving him high and dry.

What is Lux Infinitum?


Lux Infinitum is a club formerly run by Frank Semyon before it was handed off to Danny Santos. Caspere frequented the club and used its escort services. Woodrugh is also seen here while investigating the escort scene which Tasha, Caspere's favorite girl, was a part of.

And a couple other questions we need answered...

Why do Ani and Paul search Chessani's mansion in the first place?


In case you missed it (which I totally did), Ani and Paul search the mayor's mansion after noticing several calls between his house and Caspere's secret sex house on his call log.

What is Chessani's lodge?


When Ani interviews her father the second time about his relationship with Pitlor, he mentions "Chessani's lodge," which Ani's father, Pitlor, and Mayor Chessani's father all visited. This connects all three men together in their younger years.

Who the heck is Ledo Amarilla and why does this insane gunfight even happen?


Ledo is the leading suspect in Ben Caspere’s murder after it's revealed in Episode 4 that he was the pimp of one of the girls at Caspere's house and also the person who pawned some of his belongings.

When the cops pursue Ledo, it turns into an all-out shoot-out, possibly because the cops stumbled upon a cook house. (I think they mentioned that?)

What we know so far? There are about a million suspects, zero legitimate leads, and a whole lot of staring contests happening among the three investigators.

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