The Latest "Inside Amy Schumer" Points Out Just How Ridiculous The Wage Gap Is

    I'm not cool with it.

    The skit starts out with Amy's male coworkers suggesting they hit a strip club after work.

    When they get to the club, Amy continues to be the ultimate "cool girl" by buying everyone drinks.

    She even works the pole for a little bit.

    Then, the ultimate buzzkill happens when one of Amy's coworkers accidentally kills a stripper while doing some "basic choke stuff."

    Amy, being the cool girl she is, quickly shuts down the idea of calling the police and decides to take care of things herself.

    Amy encourages her male coworkers to go home while she finishes burying the dead stripper.

    The skit takes a serious turn when she points out she's been left to do 100% of the work, while only making 78 cents on the dollar at her job.

    Amy then calls out the wage gap and encourages everyone to write to their congress person and tell them they're not "cool with it."

    Thanks, Amy, for reminding us all that we should NOT be cool with it.