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19 Songs From "The O.C." That Warmed Your Cold, Dead, Heart

Don't even play "If You Leave" by Nada Surf. Don't you dare.

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1. "Champagne Supernova" – Matt Pond

Sob Factor: Though the song was made famous by Oasis, the Matt Pond cover could still make you bawl your eyes out. This song played during the iconic scene where Summer left Zach at the airport and returned to Cohen, only to find him hanging upside down wearing a spiderman mask (obviously it was raining, too). You listened to this song when your middle school crush (who you probably never spoke to) started dating that other thot and you felt like poor Zach left standing in the terminal.

2. "California" – Phantom Planet

Sob Factor: This was a low key sob song because 1. You probably didn't live in California, so you had that to cry about. 2. It reminded you of the moment when Ryan looked at Marissa through his car window and their love story began.

3. "Paint The Silence" – South

Sob Factor: The biggest reason you balled your eyes out to this song was probably because you were so far from kissing anyone on a carousel. Chances are (if you were like me) you were rocking braces, didn't quite know how to do your hair, and had an overall poor understanding of social cues.

4. "Honey And The Moon" – Joseph Arthur

Sob Factor: This song gave you some serious feels. During the first season of The O.C. the song played while Sandy was bringing Ryan back to Chino. The line, "Right now I wish I could follow you," brought out all your emotions because you knew that Marissa wished she could follow Ryan.

5. "Smile Like You Mean It" – The Killers

Sob Factor: "Smile Like You Mean It" played during one of the many memorable scenes at the Bait Shop. You probably started crying because you didn't have a cool club at which to hang out with your friends and were left chillin' at your local galleria like a mall rat.

6. "A Lack Of Color" – Death Cab For Cutie

Sob Factor: This song was a major tear-jerker. Death Cab For Cutie was essential to any emo kid's playlist. This was the type of song you listened to with your door locked and wrote in your diary just how unfair your (probably pretty decent) life was.

7. "You Got Me All Wrong" – dios (malos)

Sob Factor: During this point in The O.C, Ryan had returned to Chino to be with Teresa and his life was pretty much all wrong. The repeated "You got me all wrong," was all it took to get the tears flowing, because let's be honest, pretty much no one understood you as a teen.

8. "If You Leave" – Nada Surf

Sob Factor: This might be the ultimate sob song that came out of The O.C. soundtracks. This season, Seth found himself caught in a love triangle with Anna and Summer. The song marked the moment he said goodbye to Anna for good. We knew deep down Princess Sparkle and Captain Oats were meant to be, but damn it was hard to say goodbye to Anna.

9. "Orange Sky" – Alexi Murdoch

Sob Factor: Remember first season Trey? The slow rise and fall of the guitar in this song made you feel pretty damn angsty. So what if you didn't have a dream that you "stood beneath an orange sky"... it still applied, OK?!

10. "Forever Young" – Youth Group

Sob Factor: This was Marissa and Ryan's song, and the unofficial ballad to your teenage years. Because at 13, you probably felt way older than you actually were. And listening today, you just might still wish you could be "forever young."

11. "Hide And Seek" – Imogen Heap

Sob Factor: No one can forget the big "mmm whatcha say" moment from this episode. Marissa (spoiler alert) shot Ryan's brother, Trey, after he sexually assaulted her and almost beat Ryan to death. I mean, it probably just made you cry because your mom wouldn't take you to the mall or something, but still.

12. "Something Pretty" – Patrick Park

Sob Factor: God, didn't we all want someone to stand on a table and profess their undying affection for us? This was the moment Seth told Summer how much he liked her, and she finally stood up on the table and kissed her favorite nerd proudly. Remembering this scene, and reflecting on just how little action you were getting brought on all the feels.

13. "Trouble Sleeping" – The Perishers

Sob Factor: So, basically any scene with Seth and Summer could make us cry. Chances are you listened to this on your walkman (because yeah, you probably rocked a walkman) while trying to fall asleep.

14. "The Way We Get By" – Spoon

Sob Factor: This song is actually not really sad, like at all. BUT HEY YOU HAD A LOTTA FEELINGS SO IT'S OK IF YOU CRIED TO IT.

15. "Move On" – Jet

Sob Factor: The opening line, "well I've been thinking about the future," was enough to make you grab the tissues. The future was scary, and you were emo – so that was a pretty bad combination.

16. "Fix You" – Coldplay

Sob Factor: OK tell me you can listen to this today without sobbing... BECAUSE YOU CAN'T. The best thing to do while listening to this was to look in the mirror and do a nice ugly cry at the line, "and the tears come streaming down your face, when you lose something you can't replace."

17. "Hello Sunshine" – Super Furry Animals

Sob Fest: This was a real low-key sob song because it was primarily associated with happy Seth and Summer moments on the show. However, you were probably either single and angsty, or fighting daily with your (not so) serious S.O. of the week.

18. "Into Dust" – Ashtar Command

Sob Factor: Remember that time Marissa OD'ed in Tijuana and Ryan literally carried her out of an alleyway? Yeah, The O.C. crew was living a life just a tad different from the average braces and acne experience. This song made you sob because 1. Poor Marissa. 2. You kinda wanted a hot dude to carry you out of an alleyway (I mean... what).

19. "Hallelujah" – Jeff Buckley

Sob Factor: What's that? Oh, it's just Ryan carrying Marissa's dead body away from burning car wreckage. So maybe you didn't know the cast personally but dammit you could feel their pain. Plus, listening to Jeff Buckley's cover was enough to melt anyone's heart, no matter how cold and dead it might be.

Grab some tissues:

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