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Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, And Conan Might Be The Worst Driving Instructors

They don't teach you how to drive around with a piñata full of weed in driver's ed.

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Diana (a Conan employee) is in the process of getting her license. So who better to teach her the rules of the road than Conan, Ice Cube, and Kevin Hart?

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Diana quickly learns that Conan is a big fan of aggressive driving.

Buttttttt... Diana doesn't really have it in her to yell at other drivers.

While it's technically "the law" to let pedestrians cross using the crosswalk...Conan is pretty sure some people are taking their sweet time.

After a while, Conan and Diana pick up two extra instructors: Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. At first, Kevin refuses to adhere to basic driving safety...

...but Ice Cube reminds him that you can be a thug and follow the ~rules of the road~.

Things get pretty scary when the group thinks they hear sirens.

And Kevin teaches Diana the art of road rage when he threatens a neighboring car with a super-scary penny.

Conan decides it's about time to make a pit stop and pick up a piñata.

Next stop? Time to fill that piñata with weed!

...And then of course, to smoke it.

Things get scary when the gang is stopped for blocking a crosswalk. But Kevin totally woos the police officer with his charm.

Looks like Diana is ready to slay that driving exam!!!

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