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16 Texts You Send Your Mom After You Move Out

How the hell do I cook rice?

1. When you need to go to the doctor/dentist/get your hair cut:

2. When you need her to explain something to you:

3. When you need a favor:

4. When you try to replicate her cooking:

5. When you consult her before consulting a real doctor:

6. When you miss something from your old room:

7. When she's the default person you contact in an emergency:

8. When you need to figure out if you're breaking the law:

9. When you'd rather text her 47 times than ask a "dumb" question on your first day:

10. When your life is *maybe* at risk from your bad cooking:

11. When being an adult truly sucks:

12. And when paying your bills sucks even more:

13. When showing up with a bag of Twizzlers isn't acceptable:

14. When you need to be brought back down to Earth:

15. When you need someone who never judges you:

16. But mostly, when you just plain miss her: