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18 Ways You Know It's About Damn Time You Saw Your Long-Distance BFF

"How much is a plane ticket to see you again?"

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1. You start to text them about every minuscule detail of your life.

2. And you get really bummed out when you don't know everything.

Kirsten King for BuzzFeed

3. You go on a spree liking old pictures of the two of you on Facebook.

4. When you get drunk, you definitely text them how much you miss them.

5. You get sad when you see new potential BFFs moving in on your best friend.

6. If you have a "song" (which you probably do), you refuse to listen to it when you can't jam out with them.

7. You carve out time during your week to FaceTime them rather than hanging out with people in real life.

8. And though you won't admit it, you get sad hanging out with friends you're not as close with because it reminds you how much you miss your bestie.

9. You dedicate every TBT to them, no matter how excessive it gets.

10. If you're in a relationship, your S.O. might get a little offended that you don't seem to miss them as much when they're away.

11. You find yourself staying up late/waking up early so you can actually catch up with them.

12. And when you do talk, you spend one minute catching up, then 40 minutes talking about absolutely nothing (which is a great reminder of just how comfortable you are with them).

13. There will be a sad/awkward moment where you both tear up on Skype and then relentlessly make fun of each other for it to break the tension.

14. You start telling your S.O. (or whoever will listen) about shenanigans you and your bestie got into.

15. You send each other ugly selfies almost daily to remind them just how much you trust them (and also to make them laugh).

16. You constantly check flights/buses/etc. to figure out the next time you can see them.

17. And when you both daydream about getting rich, it's mostly just because you wish you had limitless incomes to visit each other.

18. But more than anything, you know it's been too damn long since you saw them because your life just feels a little less complete without them in it.

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