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17 Ways You Can Improve Your Relationship With Your Body

*hugs self*

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1. Leave notes around the house to remind yourself how beautiful you are.

"Hey pretty lady in the mirror."

2. Take a fierce selfie and proudly post it for the world to see.


3. Be proud of yourself when you accomplish your goals – however large or small they are.

Now that I think of it, I'm pretty awesome.

4. Give yourself a compliment everyday.

5. Stop saying mean things about your body...

And your confidence will radiate from within.

6. ... And if you DO say something negative about yourself – put money in an "insult jar" to remind yourself it's not OK!

And use the money you collect to buy yourself a bangin' new dress that will make you never want to insult yourself again!

7. Wear something you feel sexy in and forget what other people might think.

Because chances are, they think you're pretty sexy too.

8. Find an activity that helps you appreciate the wonderful things your body is capable of doing.

Your relationship with your body is like any other relationship: It requires love, hard work, and patience.

9. Make yourself a body-positive inspiration wall.

And find reasons to add to it on the hard days.

10. Write yourself a love letter.

And save it for a rainy day when you need a reminder of how wonderful you are.

11. Take yourself on a date.

Pamper yourself. You deserve it.

12. Smile often and laugh even more.


13. Tell a friend why you're feeling your look.

"My hair is on point today. Hot damn."

14. Give yourself a hug on the hard days and remind yourself how lovely you are.

"You is kind. You is smart. You is important."

15. Be your own choice for "Woman Crush Wednesday" or "Man Crush Monday."

Shout out to me.

16. When someone compliments you, accept it, don't negate it.

Because you DO look great today.

17. And wherever you go, radiate confidence.

Because the more you tell yourself how flawless you are – the more you'll believe it.

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