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For Everyone Who's Confused, This Is What Happened On Episode 5 Of "True Detective" Season 2

A lot of staring contests and a lot of super poetic lines that we would never actually use in real life. SPOILERS AHEAD.

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So if you're like me, you've probably been having trouble following True Detective this season.

Let's start with where we ended last episode — the trio went after Ledo Amarilla, a Mexican gang member who pawned Caspere's belongings, making him the No. 1 suspect in the case.


Velcoro resigned and is doing "security" work for Frank.


In this scene, Lt. Kevin Burris tells Velcoro he shouldn't have resigned and that he would have protected him if the state blamed him for the shooting (or anything else).

Velcoro insists he's content working security. Burris then tells Velcoro his house is reserved for municipal employees, and now that he isn't one he's going to be evicted.

Detective Bezzerides has been temporary demoted due to the sexual harassment accusations. She is currently assigned to work in the evidence room and required to go to group counseling.


Two men who go by Gonzales come to the Lux Infinitum, claiming they have jobs promised to them by the former owner, Danny Santos.*


*It is unclear what exactly happened to Santos — but Frank seems sure he won't be coming back.

Frank stops by Mayor Chessani's office to inquire about land dealings and why his son hasn't left town yet.


Frank asks why the mayor's son, Tony, hasn't gone to Oakland, which was apparently his original plan. The mayor swats away his question and chastises Frank for "running girls" through the club without a heads-up. Chessani tells Frank that he owes an extra 5 a month, which must be tacked on to whatever Frank's original payment is for the mayor keeping his business out of legal hot water.

Gena Brune, Ray Velcoro's ex-wife, is contesting his custody of their son, Chad.


Gena orders a paternity test and seems more angry at Ray than ever before. Ray says during this meeting, "I trusted you," to which she snaps back, "I trusted you."


Paul visits his lovely mother. He looks for the $20K he brought back from Afghanistan and realizes his mom found it and spent it all.

Bezzerides is still in touch with Danielle Delvayo, the woman who reported her younger sister Vera's disappearance.

Delvayo gives Ani a package that was sent to her previous address. It includes what looks like an invitation, pictures of a high-profile party, as well as photos of rare blue diamonds that went missing from Caspere's safe deposit box.

Velcoro follows Blake and finds him meeting with Tony Chessani (the mayor's son) and Dr. Pitlor (Caspere's former therapist).


While at the meeting, Tony examines three girls (and feels one of their boobs because WTF?!). He then takes the three girls into his SUV and they drive away.

Tony and Blake then meet up with what seems to be Osip Agronov.

In case you forgot, Osip Agronov is a Russian mobster who was supposed to make land deals with Frank but backed out suddenly after Caspere's death.


Frank's wife Jordan tells Frank she doesn't think she can have children and wants to consider adoption.


She says this is because she had three "operations," which I guess is one way to say abortions now?!

Bezzerides meets with Velcoro at our favorite angsty bar to discuss the photos she got from Vera's (the missing girl) sister.


Bezzerides says there are state senators and other high-profile people in the photos. She says she doesn't think the Mexicans were responsible for Caspere's death and wants to figure out what actually happened, both to Vera and to Caspere.

Katherine Davis, the state attorney, gathers Velcoro, Bezzerides, and Woodrugh for a meeting about the Caspere case.


Davis thinks there's collusion between Vinci PD and the mayor's office and that Caspere's killer still hasn't been found. She convinces Velcoro to join the investigation by saying she will help with his custody battle.

Davis then reveals she decided to trust Velcoro because she realizes he couldn't have killed his wife's rapist because the real rapist was just found.


This is news to Velcoro, and in this moment, he seems to realize that he killed the wrong guy.


Frank meets Jacob McCandless, the leader of Catalyst Group.


Frank insists Catalyst owes him some land, since he gave Caspere $5 million for a deal that was never followed through with. He inquires about another one of his associates' deaths, whose car went off the road right after a huge land deal.

McCandless says he can't offer Frank land. But if he can retrieve a hard drive that belonged to Caspere which included "home movies," he will be back in Catalyst's good graces and in line for payment.

After seeing Dr. Pitlor with Tony Chessani and Blake, Velcoro pays him a visit to interrogate him.


Dr. Pitlor (after some forceful coaxing) reveals that he does surgery and gives prescriptions to some of the girls who attend these secret parties. He says the parties consist of high-profile men of influence and the parties lay the groundwork for deals Caspere facilitated.

The parties are also used to compile blackmail material. Pitlor reveals that Caspere had blackmail on McCandless, the leader of Catalyst. Which is seemingly why McCandless is so interested in finding the hard drive of videos.

Woodrugh visits various pawn shops to see if there are any hits on the missing blue diamonds.

He talks to one man who says Teague Dixon, the cop who was formerly assigned to the case before being killed in the shoot-out, came before inquiring about the same diamonds. This means that Dixon knew about the missing diamonds before the rest of the team did.

Bezzerides and Woodrugh drive up north where the last call from the missing girl, Vera, came from.


Coincidentally, the same location was also in Caspere's GPS record, and the old location of a commune.

After Bezzerides and Woodrugh find that the house the call was made from is empty, they follow some circling birds (because, lol symbolism) to a smaller cabin.


The cabin has a chair inside which is covered in blood and looks like it's been a location for torturing.

But most importantly, the episode ends with THIS epic staring contest:

Still confused? Yeah, me too.


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