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Here's Proof That The Cast Of "Wet Hot American Summer" Hasn't Aged

I guess radioactive waste is good for the skin?

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2. David Hyde Pierce as Henry

Fun fact: Pierce (along with Garofalo) was one of the most well-known actors in the movie — he had shot to fame for his role as “Niles” on the hit show Fraiser (which he was still starring in at the time).

3. Amy Poehler as Susie

Fun fact: This was one of Poehler's major breakout roles. Before WHAS she was living in New York doing improv for the Upright Citizens Brigade. Poehler said she met Michael Showalter and David Wain while living in New York. They said if they ever made WHAS, they would cast her. When they finally made the movie they followed through on that promise.


10. A.D. Miles as Gary

Fun fact: In the documentary Hurricane of Fun: The Making of Wet Hot, it is clear that although Miles' role in the film wasn't the biggest, his role behind the scenes was pretty significant, as he constantly provided comic relief and amazing rhymes.


17. Michael Showalter as Coop

Fun fact: Showalter along with David Wain created and wrote Wet Hot American Summer. The film originally received bad reviews, but has since drawn a huge cult following. During filming, Showalter and Wain had about three sunny days to film the movie (which was supposed to take place on a sunny day).