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Amy Schumer's "Girl You Don't Need Makeup" Sketch Is Inspiring Women Everywhere To Go Makeup Free


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On Tuesday's Inside Amy Schumer, the comedian debuted a One Direction-inspired sketch, "Girl You Don't Need Makeup."


Since the sketch aired, women have taken to social media to proudly display their beautiful, makeup free faces.

@amyschumer #InsideAmy #girlyoudontneedmakeup brushing hair is over rated as well

Women, young and old, are rocking their natural look.

my 92yr old grandmother & i in rural Vietnam <3 fuq Western beauty standards #girlyoudontneedmakeup @amyschumer


And why shouldn't they? They look amazing.

#girlyoudontneedmakeup @amyschumer my beautiful mom and i!

Clearly, the sketch is having a powerful impact.

@amyschumer Me and my 92 yrs young Grandma, out on the town. #girlyoudontneedmakeup

These ladies are proudly wiping it off.

#girlyoudontneedmakeup because there are more important things to do with your time. @amyschumer

And Amy thinks they're perfect the way they are.

@amyschumer #girlyoudontneedmakeup #orafilter #justafreehaircutfrommom

But there's also nothing wrong with wearing makeup... either way! :)

Because it's your choice whether you wear makeup or not... not a boy band's.

@amyschumer #girlyoudontneedmakeup & neither do we! My mom is always beautiful! #loveyoumama