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19 Times Sawyer From "Lost" Made You Fall In Love

I'd get LOST with you any day.

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1. When he was seriously one of the only people on the island who could keep their shit together.


2. When he read Judy Blume and your heart melted.


3. And basically anytime he wore those glasses.

4. Or when he managed to rock the sunglasses of a 5-year-old girl.

5. When he was the master of sarcasm.

6. And provided the much-needed comic relief from Jack's constant crying.


7. When he took off his shirt and all was right in the world.

8. When he smirked and you remembered that beauty exists.

9. When he swam in a waterfall and you wished you were the water (Idk sorry).

10. When he gave the perfect answer to a dumb question John Locke asked.

11. When he was all beat up and bloody but still managed to be a 10.

12. When he was suffering a pretty severe flesh wound and acted like it was a paper cut.

13. When he looked at Kate like this and you died a little inside.

14. When this happened and you immediately needed an inhaler.

15. When he wore this little half-pony and was the original lumbersexy man.

16. When Kate was crying and he proved he wasn't just sexy, but also sensitive.

17. When he took charge and made Kate the luckiest girl on the whole damn island.

18. When he was really sweaty and probably smelled bad but you didn't even care.

19. And when he proved time and time again that he was best "bad" guy out there.

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