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21 Famous Paintings That Perfectly Describe Your Night Out

When you go too hART on the weekend.

1. When you're the only sober one and you're trying to round up your drunk friends:

2. When you're getting ready and you're feelin' your look:

3. When you get to the party first and don't really know what to do with yourself:

4. When your BFF tells you your ex has arrived at the same bar:

5. When you see your crush across the bar and try to be sexy:

6. When you get to a party and end up only playing with the cat:

7. When you're too tipsy to realize you're having a wardrobe malfunction:

8. When you're at the bar and have no one to dance with:

9. When someone tries to buy you a drink and you're just not feeling it:

10. When you take a hit and everything just feels so damn good:

11. When your friend's trying to explain why she was hitting on your crush:

12. When that creepy dude tries to touch your butt:

13. When you get really drunk and decide karaoke is a good idea:

14. When you finally see your reflection after dancing for hours and you look like a hot mess:

15. When you make that drunken vow in the bathroom to your BFF that you won't leave with anyone else:

16. When someone is telling you a story but you're too drunk and bored to stay awake:

17. When you want Taco Bell but it seems too far away:

18. When you finally get your hands on that slice of pizza:

19. When you wake up from your wild night out and look at your apartment:

20. When your hangover makes your head feel like it's a thousand pounds:

21. And when you start to remember all the stupid things you did the night before: