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For Everyone Who Needs To Know WTF Is Happening On "True Detective" Before The Finale

Who killed Caspere? Oh, I don't know. We just have about 40 suspects. (Spoilers ahead).

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So this season has been a bit of a whirlwind for True Detective fans.

In Episode 6, Frank talked to Ilena, a Mexican prostitute who said a cop paid her to pawn Caspere's goods (which conveniently framed Ledo Amarilla and made him the number one suspect in Caspere's murder).


Unfortunately, before Frank could have Ilena identify which "tall, white, skinny" cop gave her the items to pawn, she is killed by "Gonzales," the two men who weirdly have one collective name. The two used this as an opportunity to blackmail their way into moving product through Frank's clubs.

Woodrugh talks to a cop who worked on the original stolen diamond case in '92. The former cop reveals that the jewelry raid in Hollywood was blamed on riots occurring around the same time.

He says that the riots seemed like a scapegoat because the jewelry shop owners were killed by a professional. The worst part? The shop owners' children were hiding in a display case and witnessed their parents' murder.

Bezzerides gets into one of the exclusive parties posing as a prostitute. In the party she has horrible flashbacks to being sexually abused as a child.

Bezzerides ends up reacting badly to the drugs. She blows her cover when she finds the missing girl she's been looking for, Vera. While trying to escape the party, she kills a security guard who was trying to choke and kill her.

Before escaping the party, Bezzerides sees some notable characters present, including: Police Chief Holloway, Tony Chessani, Osip Agronov, Richard Geldof (attorney general), and Jacob McCandless (the leader of Catalyst group).

Vera reveals that Tasha, Caspere's "favorite" girl, was taken to a back cabin by Tony Chessani and seemingly killed because she was caught with a camera in the party.


Tasha was the one who sent the photos to Vera's mailbox. Bezzerides assumes that Tasha was using these photos as blackmail/protection from Caspere and the other men.

After some detective ~sleuthing~ Woodrugh finds out that Lt. Burris and Teague Dixon were the cops assigned to the stolen diamond case in '92, and Caspere was the chief accountant on the case.

Which we can guess means that Dixon, Burris, and Caspere were all working together to sell the diamonds.

Velcoro plans to meet with Katherine Davis, the state attorney leading the case the three detectives are working on, but finds her dead.

Davis was killed with one of Velcoro's guns, framing Velcoro and meaning he is now wanted for murder along with Bezzerides.

Frank confronts Blake, who admits to working with Osip and killing Frank's guy Stan (who got suspicious when he caught Blake working with Osip and Chessani).


Blake also admits to giving Velcoro the wrong name for the man who raped his wife. Instead, he gave him the name of a methhead whom he owed money. Blake said he saw it as an opportunity to extort Velcoro while also getting in Frank's good graces.

Blake reveals before he dies that Osip has taken everything from Frank — his people, his property, and essentially all Frank has left.


Nails (Frank's right-hand man) and his wife, Jordan, are now the only two people Frank can still trust. Frank sends Jordan with Nails into hiding and liquidizes most of his assets to pay their way out of the country and purchase passports to disappear.

Bezzerides and Velcoro take a closer look at the photos Tasha sent and realize one of the girls in the photo is Laura, the child who witnessed her parents get killed during the diamond robbery in '92.

They also realize a girl named Erica is in the photos, Caspere's former assistant.


When they look into Erica's whereabouts, they find out she has moved out of her apartment and gone off the grid.

After some hard detective-ing, Bezzerides and Velcoro finally act on the tension that's been growing and hook up.


And it's really hard to tell who's on top when they both have literally the same length hair.

When Woodrugh meets the person blackmailing him with pictures, he see it's Miguel Gilb.


Miguel is now working for Catalyst and reconnected with Woodrugh to "check on him," for Catalyst.

Police Chief Holloway is behind the set up and wants the land documents Woodrugh stole from the party back.


Dixon was the one who was following Woodrugh and taking the pictures of him, which now serves as leverage for Holloway.

So where does this leave us? We have our two surviving detectives wanted for murder and no government or police officials that can be trusted.

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