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Ed Sheeran’s Face At The Billboard Awards Sums Up What It’s Like Being Single

Ed Sheeran! He's just like us.

So we all know the Billboard Music Awards went pretty well for T.Swift.

She debuted her new music video, got cozy with her new boo, and walked away with EIGHT awards.

But enough about her. We need to talk about Ed Sheeran.

Because in this photo, he is all of us.

He is you when your mom says she saw your ex at the grocery store and they "look good."

Or when you watch another friend get engaged on Facebook:

He is you when you find out your crush is already seeing someone:

He is you when you meet your Tinder date and they look nothing like their photo:

He is you when you see couples costumes on Halloween:

He is you when you see your ex at a party with their new boo:

He is you when your friend invites their S.O. and you become the third wheel:

He is you when the person you're seeing says they're "not looking for anything serious."

He is you when your younger sibling gets engaged before you:

God bless you, Ed.