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17 Unintentionally Awkward Moments That Happen When Your BFF Is White

I had cornrows too! ... When I went on a cruise to Mexico in 7th grade.

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2. When they talk about their family coming through Ellis Island and ask if yours did the same.

"Your family came over on the Mayflower. My family took a different kind of cruise." - @IamSheridanW

Yeah, no.


5. When they don't understand how your hair goes from short to long in one day.

Remember, we talked about this? They're extensions.

7. When they say they've had cornrows too .... from that time they went on a cruise to Mexico in 7th grade.

It doesn't count if some lady on the beach did it for 5 dollars.


13. When their family tries to make you feel welcome and ends up making you feel totally weird.

"We LOVE rap music!"

15. When you try and take a photo but can never get the lighting quite right when you try and take a photo together.

Flash on, please.

17. And when they ask if you want to go swimming right after you get your hair done.

I just spent two hours at the salon, I'm not about to mess it up.