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Aug 3, 2015

19 Things Only People Who Grew Up Awkward Will Understand

Does it ever really end though...?

1. When your awkwardness altered your life course:

#GrowingUpAwkward when someone called you by the wrong name and you didn't have the courage to correct them so now you're cory not tori

2. When speaking in public was a feat in itself:

#growingupawkward being afraid to order at a restaurant

3. When you lost your ability to speak for yourself:

#GrowingUpAwkward Barber: "so what cut you want today?" Me: *looks at mom to answer*

4. When your parents stopped saving you from talking to others:

#GrowingUpAwkward "you're old enough to make your own appointments"

5. When you were just a little misunderstood:

#Growingupawkward people thought you were being rude because you never talked but in reality you were just too shy

6. When you missed those social cues everyone else picked up on:

#GrowingUpAwkward *stares at hot person in class* *they make direct eye contact*

7. When the only way to escape your weirdness was by physically running away from it:

#GrowingUpAwkward *accidentally bumps strangers shoulder* Stranger: "sorry" Me: "Thank you" *realizes what I said and fast walks away*

8. When your irrational fears got the best of you:

“@TheLifeDiaries: #GrowingUpAwkward *finishes a test* *waits until someone else finishes the test too so you can hand it in*”

9. Or when those fears just really went too far:

#growingupawkward once when I was 13 I went to summer camp and I didn't poop for a whole week bc I thought someone would hear me

10. When the absolute worst thing that could happen at school happened:

#growingupawkward "Alright class, we're picking groups today!" "FUCK"

11. When your parents tortured you by having people over:

#GrowingUpAwkward when ur parents ask u to come out of your room and meet new people

12. When you didn't really have a great answer for your lack of social skills:

13. When you overanalyzed things just a bit:

#GrowingUpAwkward making every social interaction weird by trying to prevent it from being weird

14. When your teacher tortured you in the worst way possible:

#GrowingUpAwkward seeing your life flash before your eyes when the teacher says "introduce yourself to the class"

15. When you intercepted someone else's greeting:

16. When you imagined what your voice would sound like before speaking:

#GrowingUpAwkward overthinking how to say hi to someone so you sound normal

17. When your phone saved the day:

#growingupawkward having to decide whether to say hi to the person walking in the opposite direction down the hall or look at your phone

18. And when your reaction to flee kicked in:

#GrowingUpAwkward when someone tries to talk to you

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