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Domhnall Gleeson Has Strong Opinions On 21 Random Things

Marriage: "...Pass?"

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Chances are you've already seen this ginger beaut on the big screen. Maybe it was for his role in the Harry Potter series as Bill Weasley, his part in Unbroken, or his most recent role in Ex Machina. Or perhaps you've heard the buzz about him starring in the much-anticipated upcoming Star Wars film.

Domhnall stopped by the BuzzFeed office to give us his opinion on 21 random things and teach us how the heck to pronounce his name.


19. Celebrity Crush:

Macey J. Foronda / BuzzFeed

Domhnall: Oh. Well, that's awkward isn't it? Cause the next job I could end up working with them.

BuzzFeed: Or you could end up dating them?

Domhnall: Yeah, yeah.

Domhnall was also kind enough to teach us how to pronounce his name because let's be honest, Irish names are tricky.

Yay for Irish names!


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