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    Nov 11, 2014

    21 Dogs Who Are Super Happy To See You

    "Have I told you lately that I love you?" – your dog

    1. This dog who loves when you tell that joke.

    2. This dog who loves you and will high-five you to prove it.

    3. This guy who is trying to smile with his teeth for you.

    4. This dog who loves car rides with you, but wants you to keep your eyes on the road.

    5. This dude who knows there's nothing better than lazy Sundays with you.

    6. This little guy who is so happy to be included in the family selfie.

    7. This guy who is ready for some pillow talk with his favorite owner.

    8. This puppy who is so happy you're finally home.

    9. This dog who loves late night convos with you.

    10. This pup who isn't even mad you put her in this costume.

    11. This puppy who is so excited you threw her the best party ever!

    12. This lil' guy who is glad you're finally letting him ride shotgun.

    13. This pup who isn't even mad you woke him up from his nap.

    14. This dog who is so happy you decided to bring him to the pumpkin patch.

    15. This pup who loves you even when you give her a bath.

    16. This guy who is having the time of his life in the back seat.

    17. This dog who loves his personal pool.

    18. These two who love to goof off for family photos.

    19. This guy who loves nap time.

    20. This dog who stole your phone to take this selfie and make it your background.

    21. And this guy who just thinks you're the best ever.

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