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    16 Vines Of People Who Made Terrible Life Choices

    If I could turn back time

    1. This boy who was just trying to casually dance on a tree with a broom.

    2. This little baby who didn't know she was in the twerking zone.

    3. This boy who made the mistake of standing in his driveway without a helmet on.

    4. This girl who won't be fucking any bitches anytime soon.

    5. This news anchor who isn't great with animals.

    6. This girl who ALMOST nailed her dance routine.

    7. This kid who should have known better than to fuck with his mom.

    8. Hunter.

    9. This proactive FBI agent.

    10. Kylie – who was just trying to find her best angle.

    11. This kid who's parents never should have left him unsupervised.

    12. This girl who just went too far.

    13. This kid who messed with a sleeping bear.

    14. These boys who made the mistake of letting in a Jehovah's witness.

    15. This little guy who thought he could sleep on his chair in peace.

    16. And this girl who put so much into her dance routine, only to get burned.

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