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Celebrities Read The Lyrics To "Sorry" And Got So Freakin' Into It

John Krasinski TEARS UP, people. This is not a drill.

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The folks over at Vanity Fair rounded up 29 celebs to do a ~dramatic~ reading of Biebs' song "Sorry."

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Jon Hamm kicks things off with a little honesty, apologizing for never really listening to the song.

John Legend, on the other hand, is quite a fan.

John Krasinski (because this video is full of dudes named "John") gets superrrrr into his ~dramatic reading~ and really commits to the role.

Are those tears?!

Gabrielle Union then jumps in, asking for just one more shot.

TBH, who wouldn't give Gabrielle Union another shot?

Kathryn Hahn seems like she's made a mistake a time or two in her life.

And Elisabeth Moss is also here for that second chance.

Buttttt, Maya Rudolph might take the cake for how into the reading she gets.

Octavia Spencer seems SUPER sorry.

And Nick Jonas makes it real easy to believe he fucked up.

A lot of things may let us down...but this dramatic reading isn't one of them.

We know we're not innocent either, Ellen Page.

Thanks, Judd Apatow. I will take your apology, think about it, and get back to you.

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