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19 Times Leslie Knope And Ann Perkins Perfectly Summed Up Your And Your BFF's Relationship

Are you two a couple?

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1. For starters, you're so close people constantly mistake your friendship for a romantic relationship.


But I mean, we ARE soulmates.

2. There are few other people in the world that you get so excited to see.

And few other people who can make you feel better by just being there.

3. You don't bother lying to each other because you can see right through it way too easily.


4. Loyalty is one of the main pillars your friendship is built on.

5. You worship each other (even if it gets a little weird sometimes.)

6. They've seen you at your absolute best...and your absolute worst.

Who cares if I was sleepwalking. You have to love me anyway.

7. And they never judge you.


Seriously, never.

8. They're always there to reassure you of yourself when you're feeling down.

You are a beautiful unicorn. Never forget that.

9. You're extremely protective of each other, and would pretty much do anything for them.

...Even if it's not technically "legal."
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...Even if it's not technically "legal."

10. When you two team up, you're unstoppable.

You don't want to mess with us.

11. You have complementary taste in your romantic pursuits.


Which is great, because there's never competition.

Not that there would be (ovaries before brovaries).

12. You know just what to say to make them uncomfortable — which is pretty hilarious.


Sorry not sorry.

13. When it comes time for celebration, they're the one you want by your side.

14. They believe and support you wholeheartedly in everything you do.

It's nice having a No. 1 fan, yanno?

It's nice having a No. 1 fan, yanno?

15. You probably have a go-to song you jam out to together.

So what if we don't know all the words? We can still kill it at karaoke.

16. You're NEVER too old to have sleepovers together.


(Or braid each other's hair for that matter.)

17. You NEVER need a filter with them.


Which can be a problem when you're in public.

18. No one can make you laugh like they do.


19. And most important, you really love each other, which is an amazing thing to have in a best friend.


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