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14 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Flirting

Because flirting is HARD.

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1. When you text your crush and they don't respond:

2. When you're trying to be cool and flirt subtly:

3. When your friend tells you that your crush likes you:

4. When you're a little tipsy and start dancing to catch that special someone's eye at the bar:

5. When you're trying to wake your new bae up in a cute way:

6. When you see someone really cute and can't contain your excitement:

7. When your crush gives you a compliment:

8. When your friend starts flirting with the person you like and you're trying to stay cool:


9. When you're stalking your crush on social media and they catch you:

10. When you and your friend are both interested in the same person at the bar:

11. When someone cute says, "Hi" and you forget how to speak:

12. When you look in the mirror after talking to that special someone and realize you have stuff in your teeth:

13. When you get caught checking out that cutie in the grocery store:

14. That beautiful day when your crush finally asks you out:

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