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37 Totally Perfect Bikini Bodies

Rule No. 1: There are no rules.

1. So you've been told there's a thing called the perfect bikini bod.

2. Well that's a lie.

3. There's no such thing as perfect.

4. Only perfectly you.

5. Fun fact: Her body is gorgeous.

6. So is hers.

7. And her body? Equally as stunning.

8. You see, beauty knows no boundaries.

9. You don't have to be a certain color.

10. Or a certain size.

11. Or a certain height.

12. Beauty is all about how you feel.

13. Like fiercely beautiful.

14. Or crazy-cool beautiful.

15. Do you feel beautiful? Because you should.

16. This woman? Flawless.

17. And this lovely lady? Stunning.

18. Knock knock.

19. Who's there?

20. Beauty, that's who.

21. And we'd be jumping for joy if we looked that good too.

22. Her? A body that launched a thousand ships.

23. Peace. Love. Happiness. And a great bikini bod.

24. Sure, the water's cold but your body is hot.

25. And if this isn't working a bikini I don't know what is.


27. And look at this effortless beauty.

28. This gorgeous sailor has every reason to be proud.

29. Which is more fierce? That attitude or that bod?

30. Here's the thing, we are all beautiful.

31. We.

32. Are all.

33. Beautiful.

34. No matter what, remember that you're allowed to be proud of your beautiful body.

35. Because you're allowed to be... you.

36. And isn't that the most beautiful thing?

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