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    This Is What It's Actually Like To Live As An Anxious Person

    Anxiety is a full-time occupation, y'all.

    1. To start the day, you lie in bed and think about every potential disaster today could bring:

    2. When you leave your house, you start to question whether or not you really locked your door:

    3. If you drive to work, no amount of music can mask the thoughts that come creeping in:

    4. God forbid an unknown number calls you, because it will quickly become an existential crisis you have to deal with:

    5. If you talk to anyone you're remotely sexually attracted to, the conversation will NOT be easy:

    6. And if you see two people hanging out without you, you'll fear they're talking about you:

    7. Going to any social gathering will be less relaxing and more stress-inducing.

    8. And when you finally "rest," sleep won't come quite so easy.

    Anxiety is a legitimate mental disorder that can wreak havoc on people's lives. If you have anxiety, you should speak with a professional psychologist or psychiatrist, who can help you get the treatment and support you need. See a list of resources here.