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25 Kids Who Aren't Buying This Whole Santa Thing

"Who dafuq is this?"

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1. "Hey Dad."

"When does the REAL Santa arrive?"

2. "Parents, why did you lie to me? WHY DID YOU BETRAY ME?"

Those cold, pale hands do not belong to warm, jolly Santa.

3. "But... but... Santa doesn't own sunglasses."

Looks like Santa had a bit too much egg nog last night.

4. This isn't Santa, it's Milton from Office Space.

"Sorry, Mr. Claus, I don't have your red stapler."

5. ~not impressed~

"All those months of avoiding being naughty... for THIS?”

6. Um, Santa looks a lot like Uncle Billy.

7. And this was the first Christmas when young Bobby let out his first DAFUQ?!

8. OK so maybe Dad just cut up a mop.

"Mom, Santa smells like Pine-Sol."

9. "I don't know who this dude is, but he needs to back up."


11. Little Jane is thinking: "Is this a human being?"

"Walk... away... slowly."

13. This little girl wasn't afraid to call "Santa" out.

14. Even this dog knows he's being lied to.

15. "I mean look at his eyebrows, guys."


#EYEBROWPROBS continued.

17. "Is my big sister really pretending she doesn't know what's up right now?"

18. "One picture. Then I'm out."

19. "OK time for me to shimmey on outta this weird situation."

20. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

21. This picture was taken right before little Sarah said, "I can see the friggin' string on his beard, Dad."

22. We'll stand here, but we're not gonna like it.

23. "Seriously, Mom? This guy?"

24. Little Becky knew it wasn't the real Santa when she saw his bleach blonde frosted tips.

25. "Who da fuq is this guy?"

Hpy krsms to all, and to all a good night.

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